DC Charger Stations for Bus Operators: Electrifying Public Transportation

DC Charger Stations for Bus Operators: Electrifying Public Transportation

6 9 月, 2023

Buses are a common and widespread means of urban transportation. The buses contribute to a major part of adverse environmental impact. This is because of carbon footprint and greenhouse gases. You cannot compromise over fossil fuel emissions because buses/public transportation harm the environment. 

This emphasizes the urgency for cleaner and greener solutions. One effective way is to transition to electric buses. These buses feature fewer moving components and eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Furthermore, an option exists to recharge these buses using renewable energy systems, especially through public Charger systems, as they specifically require DC charging.


The major contributor to the lower adoption of electric buses is DC Charging stations’ negligible presence or existence. But by setting up these DC charging stations, you can harness the full potential of electric buses. This article aims to provide an overview of DC charging stations overview, advantages, installation process, etc. Just stick to this article and get useful insights.

DC Charging Station for Electric Buses – Short Intro

You can define a DC charging station as a charging setup crucial in charging electric buses. This setup is not similar to the AC charger, which works slower and requires many hours to contribute to complete charging. The DC charger quickly and efficiently charge up your electric buses. This way, you can focus more on driving and revenue generation.

Why Public Transportation/Bus Companies Should Set Up DC Charging Station?

DC charging station is highly valuable for bus or transportation companies. Unveil the key contributions in this regard below:

Cost Effectiveness

Converting to or adopting the DC charging stations helps transportation companies save a lot. You don’t need to spend on fossil fuels and maintenance costs for electric vehicles. They possess a low number of moveable components. This contributes to lower workshop visits. Installing the DC charging stations helps you boost your ROI and net revenue. 

Quiet Transportation

Setting up DC charging stations and employing electric buses help you eliminate noise pollution. Noise greatly distracts people at work and prevents them from focusing on what they are doing.

For understanding, consider the people sitting inside the bus can’t read or write because of heavy noise. In electric vehicles, you will not hear a single noise inside or outside the bus. This leads to convenient working and a safe environment.

Less Frequent Repairs

In fossil fuel vehicles, repairs and maintenance are frequent. The main reason behind this is that these vehicles possess many moveable components. These components experience deterioration with time and cannot cope with performance and efficiency. But this is not the case in electric vehicles, which makes it highly beneficial for Electric bus companies. 

Cleaner and Greener Environment

Multiple aspects make the electric buses contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. This is because of noise-free operation and zero carbon emissions. In contrast, fossil fuel busses pollute the environment. You can indirectly prevent the fossil fuel grid operations from needing electricity. Instead, you can install solar panels to harness renewable energy. This adds up to your earnings. 

Higher Torque

You can get the advantage of high and instant torque using the electric busses. This way, you can ensure the satisfaction of passengers. Time is crucial for many. No one wants to waste their valuable time. They can quickly reach their destination by using your service. You can strengthen your market presence and double up your revenue. 

Quick and Instant Charging

DC charger help you in quick charging of your electric buses. The charging time of your buses will range from 20 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the charger type you choose. It also depends on the vehicle’s charging requirements. Considering all this, you can charge up your buses instantly. 


How To Setup DC Charging Station for Bus Companies?

To install or set up your DC charging station, you need to follow these steps:

Selecting Site

Determine the location where you want to install the DC Charging station. Consider the bus routes, grid proximity, access convenience, and local regulations. Apart from this, ensure the specific location can fulfill load requirements. If necessary, deal with the infrastructure upgrade to match the DC charging station power requirement.

Approvals and Permits

Acquisitions of approvals and permits play a key role in setting up DC charging stations. This will help you avoid the trials and penalties in the future from law enforcement agencies. You can stay on the safe side this way. 

Equipment Selection

Now, move on to selecting the appropriate and compatible charging equipment. Ensure that the electric buses and charging equipment can fulfill each charging requirement. Consider the charging levels and connector types your electric buses support to avoid troubles.Click to learn:Matching Chargers with Specific EV Models.

Installation of Infrastructure

Now begin installing the components of the DC Charging station. Key components include the charge controllers, cable and connectors, inverter, cooling source, safety system, and supporting structure. While installing, ensure professionals deploy all the components and comply with the safety standards.

Connecting Power Source

After that, connect the power source to your DC charging equipment. These components may include setting up a transformer, switchgear, etc. You can coordinate with the local community in this regard. 

Communication and Networking

Suppose the charging station supports remote management and comes with software and apps. Then, finish setting them up. After that, check the payment function and fleet management system is working properly. 


Final Testing

Before going to the next steps, test the DC charging station to ensure every component and setup is working as per requirement. The crucial thing to pay attention to is to check whether the loading is optimum. If not, then deal with adjustments.

Training Operators

To facilitate hassle-free operation, train the operators of your electric buses on optimum utilization of the DC Charging station. This will help you get the most out of your DC charging stations. 

Promotion and Branding

After completely setting up the DC charging station, consider collaborating with recognized brands like Piwinev Charging for promotion and branding. Doing this can potentially double your revenue, especially when you allow electric buses to charge at your station.

Additionally, employing charging adapters can facilitate taxi charging. By taking these steps, you play a vital role in promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in your region.

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