EV Charging Station Design Standards: Guidelines, Specifications, and Safety Measures

EV Charging Station Design Standards: Guidelines, Specifications, and Safety Measures

26 9 月, 2023

When choosing a particular EV charging station. The first thing that comes to the EV owner’s mind is consistency and safety in design. This is mainly because of the variations in station layouts, connector types, and voltages. You can face safety risks because of incompatibility and the existence of solutions that have universal acceptance.

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This is the main thing that prevents many businesses from investing in the EV charging station. But having correct information and knowledge at hand can prevent you from facing such a scenario. This comprehensive guide will throw light on the EV charging station design standards, specifications, guidelines, and safety measures. Sounds exciting? Let’s dive right in to uncover the facts!

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EV Charging Station – Main Concept

The EV charging station refers to a station or a point that anyone can use to charge up their EVs (Electrical Vehicles). This charging station comprises an AC EV charger, infrastructure, power source, connectors, cables, and user interface. 

Design Standards and Guidelines To Follow 

The safe and sound EV charging stations’ prime requirement is proper adherence to the specific guidelines and standards. Some of the critical design standards that you need to follow include:

Site and Location

The first thing that needs your attention in laying out the EV charging station foundations is the selection of the site and location. This is because it determines the success and failure of the EV charging station. You need to consider the number of people that can easily access your EV charging station.

Select a location with ample parking space availability. Apart from this, make sure that the physically handicapped or disabled can easily access and use the EV charging station.

The design of the EV charging station should be universal. This way, you can cater to a plethora of users. For instance, set up connectors at a convenient height so that anyone can access them at ease. Regardless of the design and shape of the vehicle, anyone can align their vehicle with the EV charging station optimally. 


The next thing in the EV charging station guidelines is zoning. This helps you determine where you need to zone out the EV charging stations. Make sure your EV charging station must follow the safety regulations, building codes, and EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment). 

Power Source Requirements

Different charging technologies require different amounts of electrical charge. Before setting up the EV charging station, make sure the local power source can meet the operational needs of the EV charging station. Analyze every factor in this regard, such as grid connectivity, transformers, or power distribution. 

Selection of Chargers

Access the data around the vehicle types and level of charging they support in an area where you want to deploy the EV charging station. There are multiple levels of chargers exist. These refer to the Level 1 Chargers, Level 2 Chargers, and Level 3 Chargers. 

EV Charging

Carefully select which level of charger you want to include in your EV charging station. Please note that every charging level is not compatible with every vehicle charging system. 

Connectors Types Selection

Equipping your EV charging station with universal connectors, including the DC Fast Charger, enable you to serve the need of every vehicle at your EV charging station. There are different connectors, including the CCS, SAE J1772, and CHAdeMO. 

Besides this, there are also easy connectors and NEMA adapters. Each vehicle supports a specific type of connector type to facilitate the vehicle charging.  Before selecting a particular type of connector, make sure it can withstand frequent and rough usage. The cables should be highly durable, weather-resistant, and can withstand the design load.

Remote Monitoring

The EV charging stations allow you to manage them remotely. You can do so with a strong network connection in place.  This will enable you to monitor every single operational parameter, including the charging operations, charge rate, software update, and statistics. 

Options exist to deal with the billings and much more. To reap the perk of all of this, you need to ensure a proper network connection. Make sure the relationship is stable and smooth, and offer zero interruption. This will help you effectively manage your EV charging station.  

Payment System Integration

Integration of multiple payment systems offers convenience to the users at the EV charging stations. This will help the users avoid the troubles and hassles they face in funds transfer. Make sure to provide payment disbursement via credit card, cheque, cash, mobile app, etc.

Apart from this, you can also place it in the authentication system for the users. This way, you can add safety to your system. Only those who have access can get the most out of your EV charging stations. 

User Experience

Catering to the remarkable user experience matters. You can play your part in this regard by making the EV charging process as simple as possible for the users. An option exists to set up the sign boards. This will help you direct the potential users to the EV charging stations. 

The digital display must reflect the updated charging rates, station availability, and customer support. This helps the users make timely decisions about whether they want to charge their vehicle or not. Using these pieces of information, you can add convenience to EV charging station users. 


The infrastructure of the EV charging station is also undeniable when it comes to user convenience. For instance, if the structure does not add up to the shade, then the users need to face the bright sunlight while charging their EV. Besides this, the users also cannot feel complete protection from the adverse weather impacts. This includes rainy weather. 

The infrastructure was also crucial for the optimum level of protection of the EV charging station components. Considering this factor adds up to the EV charging station component’s life and durability.  

Environmental Considerations

While setting up the EV charging station, you can positively contribute to the environment. You can do so by cutting off relying on the grid light. This is because the grid light consumes fossil fuel, which in turn adversely impacts the environment. 

You can also employ recycled materials to construct the infrastructure of the EV charging station. Keep in place the design for effective stormwater management as well as landscaping to cope with the ecology. 

Essential Safety Measures for EV Charging Station Setup

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Safety is the key to optimum operation and functioning of the EV charging station. There are different safety measures that you need to cope with to ensure seamless EV station operations, such as:

Electrical Safety

Number one is electrical safety. To avoid fires and shocks, it is essential to deal with the grounding of the excess electricity. Doing so ensures the passing of the extra electricity into the ground. This way, you can reduce the voltage differences right between the conductive components. The critical things under the electrical safety that you need to consider are:

  • Ensure each component of the charging station features grounding
  • You need to follow the local and national electrical codes
  • Frequent Maintenance and Inspection of the grounding systems

There are certain circumstances when the current rises above the specific value. Not controlling this situation may lead you to face electrical fire, injuries, and damage to the components. There are a few safety measures which you can employ to cope with this situation. 

  • Options exist to install fuses, overcurrent protection devices, and even circuit breakers. 
  • Periodic maintenance and testing of the overcurrent protection devices

Fire Safety

To mitigate the impact of fire and its existence, you need to consider the following factors:

  • You need to install the fire suppression system, such as fire extinguishers or sprinklers
  • Alarm and monitoring systems such as for the detection of fire, smoke, and heat
  • Coping with the existing local codes and safety regulations

Further, mitigate the risk by employing fire-resistant materials. This way, you can minimize the fire spread. Some of the critical materials you can use in this regard are:

  • Use non-combustible component materials
  • Employ fire-rated conduit and cable management
  • Each component must have a rated enclosure

Emergency Procedures Set up clear and ambiguous isolation and shutdown procedures. This way, you can ensure personal and equipment protection. For this, you need to

  • Highlight the instructions for the shutdown process
  • Measures for power disconnect 
  • Place in proper training system to cope with an emergency
  • In case of emergency, set up the evacuation route or plan to minimize chances for injury or mishap. 


In today’s age, with the rapid evolution of technology in every sector of life. You cannot deny the data breach and retrieval. This emerges as a threat to various fields of life, and the EV charging station sector is one among them.

Protecting Sensitive information and user data is what maintains a sense of trust and reliability among users. Some of the critical cybersecurity measures that you can employ include:

  • Setup up a strong level of encryption between the charging station, user, and vehicle
  • High level of security in handling of various types of data
  • Vulnerability assessments and periodically security audits
  • You can also strengthen security and safety by setting up a robust authentication system.
  • The option exists to provide access control depending on the particulars.
  • Periodic monitoring of the anykind of unusual activities and dealing with regular and periodic software updates.

Final Thoughts

The following up of proper guidelines, specifications, and safety measures are necessary for the effective establishment of the EV charging station.

This will help you get the most out of your PiwinEV Charging station in the long run. Indirectly, this will also enable you to cater to your users with the best in class service when it comes to charging their EVs (Electrical Vehicles).

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