Tesla Model 3 2024: Review, Price And Buying Guide

Tesla Model 3 2024: Review, Price And Buying Guide

17 1 月, 2024

Are you tired of making trade-offs on style, efficiency, and cost with conventional cars? The 2024 Tesla Model 3 is the answer for you! Conventional automobiles don’t have the trifecta of style, speed, and environmental friendliness.

You feel frustrated again and choose the lesser option between looks or sustainability. Welcome to the Tesla Model 3, a perfect conjunction of elegance, force, and alertness for the climate. Get ready to change the way you drive!

Find the price, analyze it, and take a buying trip that changes how you drive on roads.We have also mentioned some EV charger prices before. If you are interested, you can click here to check them out.

What Is The Tesla Model 3?

2016 saw Tesla reveal the Model 3, its third nameplate – a smaller and cheaper sibling to the Model S. As you look into what has become of it. One fact will be more precise: this model secured an honorary title. This is true in terms of the bestselling luxury EV in the US. Let’s dig into the history of the Tesla Model 3:

Its History

The history of the Model 3 is closely connected with Tesla’s dedication to affordability and sustainment. Elon Musk created it in 2012 to provide a more affordable option after the big success of Model S and Model X.

2016 revealed the Model 3 that was supposed to accelerate from zero to sixty mph in less than 6.0 seconds. It should have a minimum range of two hundred fifteen miles with comfortable seating for five people inside their car.

2017 saw the release of production models onto the roads. However, initial sales were around $60,000. This was radically modified as Tesla developed further and added different versions, like the Standard Range Plus model. Tesla also improved it to fit customer needs, such as Model 3 Performance.

2018 saw the Model 3 criticized, with it performing very well Amid concerns over rear seating and interior material quality. However, Tesla solved these problems by launching cheaper models. 2019 was the year when Model 3 Performance astonished everyone with its Track mode stability control and fantastic acceleration. Tesla says that this model is considered the best one available.

Over time, Tesla made numerous improvements to the Model 3, such as Smart Summon, Tesla Theater, a power trunk, and a better range. It is beyond debate that the Model 3 has changed the automotive landscape and will inform this future electric mobility trend. The 2021 Model 3 remains a symbol of innovation and success in the electric car industry, where proper competition has begun to emerge.

Where This Vehicle Ranks?

Let’s uncover the ranking of the Tesla Model Three In terms of Safety, Luxury, and Sales:

  • Luxury Electric Cars: U.S News & World Report ranks it 4th, rating 8.6 out of ten, highly praising its technology performance and range considerations in awarding this score.
  • Safety: Leading the pack! The Model 3 performs well in crash tests, earning a five-star rating from the NHTSA and IIHS’s Top Safety Pick+ award.
  • It used EV Sales: Undisputed champion! 2023 affirms its lasting popularity and consistent value retention, securing the 1 spot.

It is indeed a formidable contender, consistently in the top ten lists as far as luxury electric cars are concerned.

What’s New For 2024?

Uncover information on the new offerings in the Tesla Model 3 2024 Model:

  • Improved headlights, taillights, and a new nose that echoes the Tesla Roadster. 
  • Improvements include interior materials, wrap-around ambient lighting, and touch-sensitive steering wheel buttons. 
  • Enjoy the comfort of enhanced rear seats in a much quieter cabin space courtesy of all those tighter panel gaps, 
  • Acoustically insulating glass for every window and upgraded suspension bushings and brake-mounting hardware. 
  • In addition, rear passengers are provided with an 8.0-inch screen for a premium entertainment experience. 

The Tesla Model 3 features a more stylish, comfortable, and technologically triumphant design.

Pricing And Which One To Buy?

Down below, get insights on the cost for different models:

Sr. No.Version and ModelBase Cost (USD)Max Cost
1Model 3 (Rear Wheel Drive)$40,240$59,740
2Model 3 Long Range$47,240$66,740
3Model 3 Performance$53,240$71,240

When it comes to which model from the above you should buy, consider these factors:

  • Budget-friendly: For a great blend of solid range and vital Autopilot features, go for Rear-Wheel Drive. It’s affordable, too.
  • Long-distance explorer: Choose Long Range for long distances, which targets people who love taking to the road on a journey.
  • Speed enthusiast: Opt for the Performance variant, engineered to deliver exhilarating boost and road-racing agility.
  • Please Note: Before making a final decision, evaluate potential savings such as low gas costs and government incentives.

Remember, the perfect Model 3 should match your priorities and financial capabilities. Test it, look at the features, and pick the one that feels like your electric nature!

EV Motor, Power, And Performance

Are you ready to feel the electric power of a Tesla Model 3? Dive into its motor capabilities, power options, and performance tailored for various scenarios. This ensures you choose the perfect driving mode for every occasion:

1. Urban Navigator

  • Scenario: Driving through city streets and bumper-to-bumper traffic.
  • Motor: Single rear-mounted electric motor Rear Wheel Drive or double motors ( Long Range and Performance ).
  • Power: 283-480 hp (depending on model).
  • Performance: Instantaneous torque for quick movement and overtaking.
  • Bonus: Replenish the battery while slowing down with regenerative braking.

2. Open Road Explorer

  • Scenario: Effortlessly cruising on open highways.
  • Motor: Same as Urban Navigator.
  • Power: Facilitates accessible and continuous power delivery to allow highway speeds quickly.
  • Performance: Plan effortless acceleration and smooth, stabilized handling for comfortable long-distance trips.
  • Bonus: Optional Autopilot functions (available in Rear-Wheel Drive and standard to others). This assists in helping lane keeping, and adaptive cruise control that brings comfort during your trip.

3. Spirited Track Conqueror

  • Scenario: Winding roads or tracks, unleashing the sporty capabilities of Model 3.
  • Motor: There are dual motors (only for Performance versions).
  • Power: Up to 480 hp with almost incredible acceleration ( Performance 3.1 seconds from stationary, for example ).
  • Performance: Enjoy snug handling, precise cornering and the thrill of zero to launch in no time.
  • Bonus: Use Track Mode for improved handling and performance to ensure a controlled yet exhilarating experience.

Range, Charging, And Battery Life

Discuss the range, charging capabilities, and battery life of the Tesla Model 3 for a full picture. Get ready!

1. Range

Check the EPA Estimated Range for your baseline:

  • Rear-wheel drive: 272 miles
  • Long Range: 358 miles
  • Performance: 335 miles

This is where the action occurs at the Real-World Range.

2. Charging

Supports all levels of charging:

  • Level 1 (120v) is the slowest, taking about 3 miles per hour.
  • 240v level 2 is suggested, adding about 17 km/h.
  • DC Fast Charging, like Superchargers, unleashes lightning: 200 miles added by Tesla’s Superchargers in 15 minutes (Long Range and Performance).

3. Battery Life

  • 1-2% degradation per year is normal accordingly.
  • Adopt optimal charging habits: 0% for daily use.
  • Benefit from Tesla’s warranty coverage: 8-year/125,000-mile warranty on the battery pack and electric motor.

Fuel Economy And Real-World Mpge

Uncover the real-world implications in MPGE for Tesla Model 3:

  • In City Driving: You should get close to the EPA estimates, averaging around 138 MPGe. This is because of how efficient regenerative braking can be in stop-and-go traffic.
  • On the Highway: Start to slide slightly at full speed. 126 MPGe is its estimated rating by the EPA, but it usually scores between 80 and 90 in real-world testing. A few factors influence this, like wind resistance or uphill climbs.
  • During Aggressive Driving: Be ready to sacrifice a lot regarding fuel consumption and let your inner speed demon run wild. Select numbers can drop as low as 50-60 MPGe, depending on the size of your lead foot.
  • Considering Climate Control: Do not forget about AC and heating. Heavy usage, especially in extreme temperatures, can reduce your MPGe from 10-20%.

Interior, Comfort, And Cargo

Read about the adaptable interior and performance of the Tesla Model 3 in different situations. Explore its comfort and cargo capabilities in various positions:

1. Solo Adventure

  • Front Row: Enjoy the comfort of heated, luxurious seats with ample legroom and headspace. Start your journey from the vast dash with a 15-inch touchscreen for entertainment and navigation.
  • Cargo: 15 cubic feet of trunk space – ideal for solo trips to accommodate large suitcases or groceries. Need more room? 60/40 split rear seats can be folded to increase the capacity to 42.7 cubic feet. There is enough space for luggage or large sports equipment.

2. Weekend Escape with a Companion

  • Comfort: Enjoy the luxury comfort of both front seats during long rides. Relegate the rear seats to briefer trips.
  • Cargo: The duo adventure can be packed light. Use a 15 cubic feet trunk space for weekend items. Are you craving more room? Use a luggage Tetris strategy or a roof rack for bigger things.

Infotainment And Connectivity

You are in for a fast-paced ride with Tesla’s Model 3, which promises the best entertainment and connectivity. Let’s break down the essentials:

1. Standard Connectivity

Free with every Model 3.

Bluetooth pairing, FM radio, Sirius XM (North America only), and USB media playback are also available.

Note: Cellular streaming music/media is restricted, with minimal navigation capabilities and no internet surfing.

2. Premium Connectivity (Subscription)

Cost: $9.99/month or $99/year.

All Standard Connectivity PLUS functions on streaming music/media in-car (Spotify, Tidal, Slacker), maps and traffic satellite, and internet wi-fi.

Benefits: Listen to unbroken tunes, get live traffic alarms, do convenient web surfing, and plan Netflix and YouTube when parked. Make your driving journey worthwhile with upgraded connectivity!

Safety And Driver-Assistance Features

Witness the Tesla Model 3’s robust safety and driving assist features, carefully designed to protect you and your family. Let’s dive into the critical components:

1. Active Safety

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB): Sensors monitor possible collisions, making automatic brakes work to avoid or minimize impacts.
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW): Receive visual and auditory warnings about upcoming collisions that demand quick action.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM): Warnings about vehicles in your blind spots are provided, thus eliminating the risk of sideswipes.
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW): Alerts for lane drifting will keep you on track.
  • Lane Departure Avoidance (LDA): If an unintended departure is detected, it automatically steers back into your lane.
  • Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance (ELDA): Keeps your car safe from drifting into traffic going the opposite way.
  • Speed Assist: 2 Use Traffic Sign Recognition to keep a fixed speed while staying within legal limits.

2. Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability (FSD) (optional)

  • Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control: You get an automatic slow down for traffic lights and stop signs, enhancing your focus on the road.
  • Autosteer on City Streets: Ease fatigue with help steering through the cities (needs FSD).
  • Navigate on Autopilot: Navigate your route automatically on highways, including interchanges and exits (requires FSD).
  • Summon and Smart Summon: Move your car in and out of tight parking spaces effortlessly without you being inside the vehicle (FSD required).

Enjoy the security offered by state–of–the–art safety features customized to your driving habits.

Warranty And Maintenance Coverage

Owning a Tesla Model 3 not only plunges you into the fun of electric driving but also charges your mind about its warranty and maintenance coverage. But fret not, fellow road tripper, I’m here to simplify it for you:

1. Warranty

  • Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty covers your Model 3 for four years or fifty thousand miles against any defects in materials and artistry – the basic protection plan covering most of what is essential to drive.
  • Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty is a strong coverage that protects your car’s heart – the battery and drive unit – for 8 years or 120,000 miles (or every mileage on Long Range and Performance models).
  • Five years or 60,000 miles Supplemental Restraint System Limited Warranty covers your airbags and seat belts for any sudden adventure.
  • Tesla Parts, Body & Paint Repair Limited Warranty is the safety net for minor bumps that cover replacing parts related to bodywork and paint repairs during one year or 12,500 miles.

2. Maintenance

Tesla suggests regular maintenance checks to keep your Model 3 running smoothly:

  • Two years for cabin air filter replacement.
  • Four years check of brake fluid health (if required, replace it).
  • A/C desiccant bag replacement should be done every 4 or 6 years for the models produced between.
  • Change tires every 6,250 miles or if the difference in tread depth is considerable.
  • Lubricate and clean brake calipers annually or every 12,500 miles, especially in regions with harsh winters.

Keep in mind these are guidelines. Your real maintenance requirements could differ depending on how you drive and where you live. Tesla provides a convenient online maintenance schedule based on your car’s VIN.

How To Charge The Tesla Model 3

Here is how you can charge your Tesla:

  • Open the charge port: Press the button on your Tesla charging cable, use the touchscreen or lift, and push the lower side of the port door.
  • Plug in: Place the connector against the charge port, push it into place, and the latch takes hold. – charging initiated automatically.
  • Monitor progress: Check, on the touchscreen, your charging status, estimated time to full battery, and remaining range.
  • Unplug: When finished, depress the button on the connector to release it.

Some handy tips:

  • Set charge limits: Set a maximum charging level for the touchscreen to optimum battery life.
  • Schedule charging: Use low electricity rates to charge off-peak.
  • Pre-conditioning: Use the app to preheat or pre-cool the battery before driving for faster charging in extreme weather.
  • Tesla Supercharger etiquette: Obey station rules, and remember to keep your stay short when others are waiting.

Review Of This Car

If you’re tech-savvy and environmentally-conscious looking for a spicy electric ride, the Tesla Model 3 is an enticing option. However, the bare-bones interior and Autopilot anomalies may not appeal to everyone. Before jumping in, consider your priorities and budget. This electric trailblazer provides a unique driving experience, but that doesn’t mean it is perfect.

Tip: Try various models to identify the right mix of performance, range, and price that perfectly suits your requirements.

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