Top EV Charger Station Suppliers In China

Top EV Charger Station Suppliers In China

17 10 月, 2023

You cannot deny the level of reliability when it comes to choosing the EV charger station supplier. This is what ensures the rapid adoption and sustainable transportation.

Several EV charger station manufacturers exist in the Chinese market. This makes the choice process of selecting a specific manufacturer difficult. The main reasons behind this include the service quality, durability of the products, cost-effectiveness, and much more.

Selecting the wrong manufacturer can lead you to face low-quality components and investment loss. To assist you in this regard, this article aims to throw light on the Top EV charger station suppliers in China. Sounds exciting? Let’s dive right into this article to uncover the facts!

Not only that, we also introduced in detail the EV charging station design standards: guidelines, specifications, and safety measures in the previous article.

EV Charger Station Supplier – Overview

The EV Charger Station supplier refers to the entity or a company. They offer you the technology, equipment, and services that you need to ensure the optimum operation of the Charging Station. You can get from these suppliers software, after-sales services, and hardware components. 

Uncovering Top EV Charger Station Supplier in China



The number one EV charger station supplier on the list is PIWIN. Piwin has its foundations in Zhuhai within the Guangdong province of China and started offering its services in the year 2000.

The Company specializes in research/development, production, sales, and after-sales services of EV Charger products. So far, Piwin has registered 68 patents. 

Piwin features 31 state-of-the-art technologies for EV charger station manufacturing. All of the products of the Piwin are truly comply with the national and international standards.

You can get both the DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternating Current) EV chargers. Piwin is offering its services in over 60 countries around the globe and has a team of 500 plus skilled employees. 

Why Should You Select Piwin for EV Chargers?

Piwin has solutions for the home as well as public charging stations. You can get any type of EV charging product from Piwin.All of the products of Piwin strictly align with the standards and certifications. These certifications include TUV, CCC, CE, Rohs, etc.

Piwin offers 24/7 online services to its customers around the globe. You can get answers and assistance in any regard from Piwin. The professional team plays a key role in eliminating customer confusion and clearing any doubts.

You can get ODM or OEM service from Piwin. Piwin offers custom manufacturing. You can put your logo and customize the product as per your needs. This way, you can enjoy freedom when choosing Piwin.

Apart from the above, you will get after-sales service from Piwin. This is because Piwin has agents in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. You can get the installations and other services along with them. 


Chinese and German Engineers laid the foundation of the TGOOD. The main services of the company include automobile charging and power components manufacturing. They started offering their services in the year 2014. 

TGOOD is among the largest EV charging station suppliers. They do this for a plethora of industries, both nationally and internationally.

TGOOD does not source components but is truly capable of manufacturing everything in-house. You can get faster assembly service, installation, construction, and cost-effectiveness through TGOOD.

TGOOD offers both AC and DC charging solutions for Electric Vehicle owners. However, TGOOD specializes in manufacturing a wide range of AC chargers. These chargers belong to the class of single-pile products.

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TGOOD offers portable and compact-size products that feature and facilitate self-service. The company has developed or deployed a large network of DC fast chargers throughout China. 


Another leader among the manufacturers of the EV chargers. Delta started offering its services in 2011 in Pudong Shanghai, China. Although the company existed since 1971, it started manufacturing EV chargers in 2011.

To address the climate change issues and to promote greener solutions, Delta began to offer EV solutions and EVs. 

Delta Company has its R&D centers located in Thailand, Europe, Japan, and China. Apart from this, Delta has world-class engineers and scientists at hand who are contributing to the advancement of the EV industry.

Quality is the paradigm for the company, and this is what reflects the consistent and constant growth toward product demand. 

All of its products follow the certifications, including the ISO, CE, IEC, and FCC. Every year, Delta assign 8% of its earning to the research and development department to contribute to innovative EV solutions.

Delta majorly focuses on the automation and sophistication of its products. The products that you can get from Delta include charging accessories, chagrin stations, and charging electronics. 


XPENG is a notable player, especially in the EV industry. The XPENG began offering the services in the year 2015 from the Guangzhou district within China.

XPEMG was established with the main focus on building infrastructure and manufacturing EVs. The company possesses a remarkable team of engineers and scientists. They collectively contributed to the overall company reputation and worth. 

So far, XPENG has achieved cutting-edge charging solutions through research, development, design, and construction. XPENG has served both in the local and global markets.

Within China, the XPENG has covered over 164 cities. One of the reputable services of the XPENG is the free service of charging to customers.

The company is working to make EV chargers available.XPENG works to facilitate efficient and effective EV charging solutions.

Among the products of the XPENG, you can get EV chargers as well as EV charger accessories. The XPENG has certified products that comply with the standards of UL, ISO, and CE. 

EV Charging

Tesla Motors Inc

Tesla is a popular EV and EV charger manufacturer in the world. In the district of Shanghai within China, there lies Tesla Motors incorporation. In China, Tesla started offering services in the year 2012.

Tesla is a name known for introducing innovative products. First, Tesla began manufacturing the EVs in the year 2003. Later in the run, Tesla introduced the EV charger in the year 2012. Tesla has a reputation for catering to the diverse needs of various customers.

Power and speed are what contribute to the value of the Tesla chargers. Using these chargers, you can charge up to 80% of your vehicle battery in only 40 minutes.

These chargers support up to 480 volts of DC. All of the EV chargers that Tesla introduces comply with diverse certifications, including the UL, CE, FCC, and more. 

Tesla has over 30,000 EV charger units deployed among 2,500 stations. This makes Tesla contribute to the large and wide network of EV chargers.

Tesla’s vicinity in Shanghai, China, has an area of 0.85 square kilometers. This is what makes this vicinity one of the largest among the many. You can get diverse products from the Tesla, including power supplies, cable organizers, power walls, EV chargers, solar roofs, adapters, 


Phihong first started in Taoyuan City, present in Taiwan, in the year 1972. Initially, the company started services as an electric power distributor. But in 2011, officially began offering services for the EV charger.

Later on, Phihong emerged as a powerful competitor. The Phihong owns more than 6 vicinities across China. The area of these vicinities is around 1.5 million square feet. 

You can get any type of EV charger you can imagine from Phihong. The key products include wall chargers, business EV chargers, and public charging stations.

By offering a wide variety of EV chargers, Phihong plays its role in the network of EV charging stations. Phihong services are not limited only to China, you can get Phihong electric chargers around the globe. 

All of the Phihong chargers follow the set standards and certifications such as IATF, IEC, CE, ISO, and UL. You can order AC wall chargers, AC basic chargers, and ev ac chargers.  


Xcharge began operations in the year 2015. The company is based in the district of the Dax within Beijing, China. Xcharge has its reputation because it offers higher power charging solutions.

You can get scalable and sustainable EV charging solutions for buses, fleets, businesses, and individuals. The Xcharge focuses on the manufacturing, research, sales, and development of innovative EV charging solutions.

Apart from this, the company aims to facilitate and assist the business partners and charging operators in effectively running EV charging operations.

Right from the start, Xcharge has established over 40,000 chargers. These stations cater to customers with 200GWh of power every month.

This way, the Xcharge plays a great role in facilitating over 120 different models of EVs. So far, the X charge has played a crucial role in establishing and delivering EV chargers to Europe, Asia, and North America.

The products of the X charge include fast power chargers and accessories for charging. Each of the products by Xcharge completely relies on the certifications, including the ISO, IEC, DIN, and CE. 

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